2014   |   December

Hitler’s women

Did you know that the East India Company transformed the destiny of Britain, India and the world, and that President Kennedy disastrously mishandled the Bay of Pigs invasion attempting to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro?

2014 December Hitler’s women
2014   |   November

Where was God in Auschwitz?

The Holocaust was a moment in history when millions of people, poisoned by the National Socialist ideology, caused the death of millions. We must learn from these mistakes, and the Holocaust must have a permanent place in our memory, in order to teach people today the consequences of hatred and discrimination.

2014 November Where was God in Auschwitz?
2014   |   October

The secret weapon

Did you know that poisonous murdering was at its peak during the reign of Louis XIV and even the Sun King was planned to be poisoned by his mistress, and the "Radium Girls" were the first known victims of industrial poisoning?

2014 October The secret weapon

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