2016   |   September

Cannibalistic medicine

Did you know that Soviet execution site at Kurapaty was found by children, the first submarine was made during the American Civil War, and Hitler, who had experienced the effects of a gas attack in World War I, shied away from using them as he worried that the Allies had the capabilities to retaliate in kind?

2016 September Cannibalistic medicine
2016   |   August

The Stubborn ‘British Bulldog’

Did you know that it is still unknown if Mary Queen of Scots approved the killing of her cousin Queen Elizabeth, Thor Heyerdahl proved that Polynesia could have been populated by people from South America, and Napoleon was probably not poisoned but he died of stomach cancer?

2016 August The Stubborn ‘British Bulldog’
2016   |   July

Losing Richard III

Did you know that the Nebra Sky Disk is one of the most impressive artifacts of Bronze Age Europe, Francis Drake started off as a cabin boy, and German Jewry represented about 1 percent of Germany’s population in the 1930s, yet it was made the scapegoat for all of its problems?

2016 July Losing Richard III

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