2016   |   December

The most famous prophecies

Did you know that Saddam Hussein claimed to be the heir of Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar; the leaders of Vichy France believed that Nazi dependency was the lesser evil compared to Bolshevik occupation, and that the ransom for Richard I of England brought England to the brink of economic collapse.

2016 December The most famous prophecies
2016   |   November

Monarchy à la Hollywood

Did you know that Ptolemy miscalculated the circumference of Earth; early German victories in WWII were facilitated by the political division of the Allies, allowing Hitler to take risks worthy of a true gambler; and Grace Kelly could not play a role in Hitchcock’s movie because it was considered derogatory to a royal family?

2016 November Monarchy à la Hollywood
2016   |   October

Zero Killers

Did you know that when the head of the Cosa Nostra was arrested in 2006, five annotated Bibles and several religious items were found in his hiding place; in the Middle Ages witches were believed to gain power from fairies; and Rosie the Riveter was a fictional character to boost the enthusiasm of women during WW II?

2016 October Zero Killers

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